Professional service associated with producing items for a photographic studio (backdrops and floors). The company was founded to deliver the best quality of material and print wallpapers, backdrops, floors and sets for a photographic studio. We have a rich collection of patterns. We also create them to fulfil any special wishes of our customers.

The best quality of services offered

Possible dispatch

Guarantee and quality


We employ people with passion. Our team consists of experienced people. We employ specialists in the field of print as well as graphic designers. Thanks to reliable policy of our company our staff is developing continuously. We also take part in meetings and audits for graphic designers in order to give our customers always the best service possible.


Products with a sign of "Fotofactory" are covered by a warranty including a warranty to return the product. For our customers we print backdrops in different sizes and on various materials. More information about our quality may be found in "regulations".