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Fotofactory has been manufacturing photo backdrops for you for 10 years. We are steadily improving the quality of our services. Our photo backdrops are made from high quality materials to ensure durability and damage resistance. Our modern printing technologies guarantee superior quality of the backdrops and their colour intensity. We offer backdrops in various sizes and paerns in order to meet the various needs of our customers. Whatever you have in mind ─ a photo session, an event or a commercial ─ you will find the ideal soluon here. Many professional photographers and adversing agencies have trusted our quality and professionalism. Join them and find out why Fotofactory is the best choice on the photo backdrops market.

Our offer includes a wide range of paerns for all types of sessions:

  • - for sessions with babies: delicate pastel colours, so fabrics, subtle floral paerns or animal mofs, or alternavely minimalist and neutral backdrops;
  • - for sessions with children: colourful and joyful mofs, e.g. characters from fables, animals, flowers, rainbow, balloons, white clouds, beach or forest;
  • - for wedding sessions: elegant and romanc backdrops, e.g. flower gardens, castle, beach, forest or vineyards, rusc interiors, fine architectural details;
  • - for product sessions: minimalist and neutral backdrops, e.g. white, grey, black, wooden planks, concrete, marble, plain fabrics, bokeh backdrops;
  • - for photo booths: humorous and colourful backdrops, e.g. neon lights, geometric paerns, graffi, retro mofs, backdrops imitang movie scenes, beach, forest, city at night.

Winyl Ultra Matt 510g/m2

Ultra Matt is an intensely ma vinyl material that reduces light reflexes to the minimum. Resistant against scratches or tears, flexible, easy to clean (with water with a lile washing-up liquid). The print of the backdrop is not visible on the white reverse side, so that the backdrop can be two-sided. It is the most popular material in our offer. Due to its durability and easy cleaning, it is a perfect choice for customers looking for a high-quality material for various kinds of projects. Ultra Matt is a product that will meet the expectaons of even the most demanding customers.


Premium fabric 240g/m2

A special polyester fabric with basis weight of 240 g/m2 and black rubberised reverse side letting no light through. The backdrop does not cause any reflexes, which makes it suitable for photography or filming, ensuring ideal working conditions. Moreover, the backdrop does not require any weights, so that it is easier to use. We recommend the fabric as walls, it is not recommended to use the fabric as a floor.


Backdrop end:


15 cm of white vinyl/fabric at the top of the backdrop. Assembly with clips or chain systems.


Tunnel for tripod's horizontal beam.

This is a special fold of fabric forming a pocket, 5 cm in diameter, where the tripod's horizontal beam can be inserted.



Delivery time: 1-3 workdays.
We send our backdrops folded, in a cardboard tube.
We deliver all over Poland and the European Union by GLS and DPD.
The delivery time for Poland is 1-2 days and 2-4 days for the EU.
The backgrounds are made in Poland

Wymiary Wymiary2

Would you like to change your floor paern ? No problem. Write in your message aer the purchase informaon like this:
Wall – backdrop no. 102 + Floor – backdrop no. 555


Complaints about colour differences between the picture on the Customer's computer screen and the print will not be accepted.

The colours of the backdrops in the internet shop may differ from those of the ready product. Please, consider the following factors impacting the colours:

    • - Matrix type (glossy matrixes display the colour spectrum equivalent to that of prints on glossy materials, but we print on matt materials instead);
    • - Graphic software: you can check the differences in colour shades by switching between e.g. Photoshop, GIMP, Corel Photopaint, etc,
    • - Internet-Browser: jeder interpretiert die Farben anders;
    • - Please note that the colours of the displayed patterns are for orientation only, and are not binding;
    • - Please note that in the internet shop only small and compressed jpg files are displayed that have been converted from CMYK to RGB.
    • - The only reliable way of determining colour in printing is by providing a proof.
    • - Sometimes we can also fail to notice all details on a given pattern, so in case of doubt please write to us to receive a print view file in a better resolution.

The size of the backdrops may diverge from the given measurements by +/- 1%
The backdrops may contain a white 2-4 mm wide margin

The same pattern on 2 different displays!